Recently we had the chance to present a workshop on creating digital content at the fourth edition of the Norwegian Digital Travel Conference, Norway’s largest digital tourism conference, which was held in Kristiansand from the 27th – 28th of September 2016.

We joined other national and international speakers on stage with the aim of leaving the audience inspired and equipped with knowledge and useful tools to promote their businesses and destinations online.

One the first day, international speakers from Iceland, South Africa, and Dubai all presented case studies about how they present their destinations online through video and other social media content, this really provided a truly global perspective on how things are done in other parts of the world.

There was also a more local perspective, with Norwegian speakers and breakout session getting into the nitty gritty of destination marketing in Norway and looking at how technology helps us to understand customers better.

On day two we took the stage to present a workshop on creating online content with other experts delivering three different workshops (with the main focus on Content, Strategy, and Communities) which made sure all attendees not only got to learn but also got to think about and work on their own ideas.

Kristiansand is situated at the southern tip of Norway and famous as a holiday destination for Norwegians during the summer months to enjoy beaches and the sunshine plus during the winter months, the Ski destination of Gautefal is just 2 hours drive away. 

We also had a chance to take a good look around the area take some pictures and experience the scenery. (more pictures on our Facebook Page

5 Pictures That Made Us Love Kristiansand. 











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