When you travel a lot the small details count like Smart phone, Smart luggage, Smart travel, so can you believe it has been almost 50 years since the first suitcase with wheels was invented when Mr. Bernard Sadow took the castors off his wardrobe trunk and mounted it on a suitcase. This one single invention he changed travelers’ lives forever as people have been wheeling their way through airports, train and bus stations ever since.

Smart phone, Smart luggage, Smart travel

But not much has changed since 1970. While luggage and suitcase designs came and went, the concept stayed the same: wheels, handles, a few zips and a space to pack your belongings.

Smart phone, Smart luggage, Smart travel

At least that was until Bluesmart changed the game and entered the industry as the world’s first smart luggage brand. Bluesmart looked at all the issues and pain points travelers have to go through on a daily basis and took the modern day technology that we have at our fingertips every day and combined it with the 50-year-old invention to improve the travel experience.

Bulky luggage with no functionality, dealing with multiple cables and chargers, losing luggage, not knowing the weight of your bag and misplacing the keys to the bag’s lock are issues all in the past thanks to the Bluesmart Series 2 suitcase and a nifty app that puts the power in your own hands.

Smart phone, Smart luggage, Smart travel

Bluesmart Series 2, with its 22-inch carry-on bag, sized according to airlines’ cabin luggage restrictions – and the 29-inch suitcase, were designed with the modern traveler in mind. From your phone, thanks to the Bluesmart App, you can control your bag; whether you want to unlock it, track it with the built-in GPS device, check the bag’s weight, use the proximity sensors or track your trip. For travelers who want a bit more, there is also an elegantly designed laptop bag and passport pouch which form part of Bluesmart Series 2.

If there is one phrase that business travelers and bloggers or travel influencers can relate to while traveling it would be, “my phone just died”. Everything comes to a complete halt if you work in the travel industry and you’re left with no battery life, no charging points or battery packs. If this is the case, you are probably wondering how on earth would you be able to open the digital lock on your Bluesmart bag?

Have no fear, their technology is one step ahead of you, this suitcase also has a built-in battery that can charge your phone and other digital devices up to six times.

And that’s not all …..

Bluesmart will also sync to your phone’s calendar and travel services to send reminders to tell you when and what to pack. Even the scattered-brains are sorted.

It’s like having your own personal travel assistant and it gives you peace of mind thanks to its double coil zippers (which can’t be opened with a pen) while the TSA mechanism will allow TSA agents to open your suitcase, if necessary, without damaging the bag.

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