Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is arguably one of the most famous tourist attractions in Africa, if not the most famous of them all, and if you add its wilder next door neighbour, Chobe National Park in Botswana and five quality Safari Lodges to choose from make visiting Victoria Falls and Chobe like hitting the African jackpot with a combination of true African Safari experiences, historical points of interest, adrenalin-soaked outdoor adventures and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Victoria Falls and Chobe

Victoria Falls

Dr David Livingstone was the first European to witness the magnificence of the Falls, with the mighty Zambezi River roaring in full force, about half a million cubic meters of water loudly leap over the edge of the Falls and plummet into the chasm down below to live up to its name, Mosi-oa-Tunya, the smoke that thunders.

The bustling tourist town of Victoria Falls has been reborn especially recently with the opening last year of the new Victoria Falls International Airport which is now capable of handling some of the world’s largest aircrafts, which triples the volume of passengers that can visit every year.

This massive development has made the destination and Africa Albida Tourism’s four Vic Falls lodges much more accessible to visitors with also the introduction of a new local low-cost carrier Rainbow Airlines, daily flights from South Africa with South African Airways on a 222-seater Airbus A330-200 and Ethiopian Airlines which is the first new international airline to bring passengers from around the world into the new Victoria Falls International airport.

Ethiopian Airlines now has four flights per week into Victoria Falls which will enable travelers from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa to connect hassle-free to Africa’s new hotspot via Addis Ababa.

Staying in one of Africa Albida Tourism’s unique African-inspired properties such as the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, voted as the best lodge in Zimbabwe for 20 consecutive years, or the Victoria Falls Safari Suites which is ideal for families and the more exclusive Victoria Falls Safari Club.

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Chobe National Park

It is easy to understand why Botswana’s first National Park, Chobe, established in 1968, with its high concentration of wildlife, and diverse landscapes of floodplains, swamps and woodland charm visitors every time they visit.

Chobe National Park is Botswana’s most accessible and most visited national park and 38% of land is protected for wildlife and nature conservation. Recently, during the 2017 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, Chobe, as well as Makgadikgadi and the Okavango Delta of Botswana Tourism Organisation, won the Destination Award. The winners of the 2017 award represent the very best in sustainable tourism, forward-thinking and eco-positive approach while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid out in the United Nations’s 2013 Agenda.

In 2017 Botswana has also named Africa’s best investment destination; they’re embracing technology, have a high Facebook penetration rate which accounts for the level of networks, knowledge and connections and has been enjoying economic and political stability for many years.

Botswana has been described as an escape from our overpopulated and over-developed world and while staying at Africa Albiba Tourism’s Ngoma Safari Lodge you will experience Africa as seen in famous documentaries as Botswana has served as the backdrop for numerous award-winning documentaries such as The Last Lions, Lions of Darkness and Eye of the Leopard.

Chobe National Park boasts the largest number of elephants recorded anywhere, but there is so much more to the park than trunks and tusks.  Chobe is home to the big five, has over 560 recorded bird species and offers visitors the chance to experience an unforgettable boat safari; there are only a few places left in the world where you can get up close and personal with wildlife while cruising on a river, watching the sunset and enjoying one of Africa’s most prolific wildlife areas. Safari lodges in Botswana are often small and provides a very authentic, exclusive and intimate experience.

Reasons why bloggers and influencers should visit Victoria Falls and Chobe in 2018

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Africa Albida Tourism, with its luxurious properties and restaurants in Victoria Falls and Chobe, welcomes bloggers, content creators and digital influencers from all niches. Contact them and come and explore everything the region has to offer, such as sunset cruises, safaris , helicopter rides, white water rafting, rainforest guided tours, zip-lining and more to have a unique experience to share with your audiences around the world

New airport, new routes

Whether you are departing from the US, UK or Europe, getting to Victoria Falls & Chobe is easy thanks to the new routes from Ethiopian Airlines, the upcoming new direct flights from Kenya Airlines from Nairobi to Victoria Falls and on to Cape Town, and direct flights from Johannesburg on South African Airways and SA Air link.

Arrive In Real Africa

Victoria Falls is well-connected to all the activities on offer in the surrounding areas and the easy access grants you the opportunity to arrive in Zimbabwe the morning, witness one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World in the afternoon and be in the presence of an African elephant a few hours later while on a sunset safari in Botswana.

Tick off bucket list items

Is visiting one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World on your bucket list? Or how about an African safari? Not to mention White Water Rafting on the Zambezi or Bungi Jumping 110 meters.Victoria Falls and Chobe have it all, plus the surrounding areas are filled with other once in a lifetime bucket list activities.

A photographer’s dream 

If photography or even creating videos is your thing you won’t be disappointed by an African destination like Victoria Falls and Chobe with its vibrant colours rich in character and photo opportunities from dawn until dusk. 

Perfect for your niche

What is your niche? Luxury travel, experiential travel, wildlife and conservation, adventure travel? Or are you a foodie who tastes local delicacies wherever you go? Victoria Falls and Chobe are African destinations that have it all. 

Hassle-free Visa

Obtaining a visa for Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia is hassle-free and while over 100 countries’ nationals don’t require a visa to visit these African destinations, there is the UniVisa available for those who do.. The UniVisa allows multiple entry into Zimbabwe and Zambia for $50 for 30 days; the UK, France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, UAE and USA are some of the eligible countries for this visa.

Adventure capital of Africa

If you are an adventurer at heart and constantly seeking adrenalin adventures then look no further; white-water rafting, helicopter rides, bungee jumping, hiking, bridge sliding, tubing, high wiring and gorge swinging will put your fear of heights to the test.

Africa Albida Tourism

The accommodation options offered by Africa Albida Tourism in Zimbabwe and Botswana serve as the perfect start-and-finish point for content creators as they engage in digital storytelling. The surrounding areas are an inspirational backdrop for all travellers, photographers, writers, videographers and influencers; filled with natural beauty, oozing with adventure and charged with diversity.

Partner With Africa Albida Tourism 

Put Victoria Falls and Chobe on your list of African destinations to visit in 2017!  Africa Albida Tourism are open to collaborating with bloggers and influencers so you can tell your story of the amazing African destination; so go ahead and Contact Them.

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