The World Tourism Forum keeps growing every year with the three-day conference held in Istanbul (February 16th to 18th, 2017) saw both Turkish and international ministers from over 20 countries gather together with over 3000 other guests from the travel industry for this year’s global meeting which theme was “Boundaries as Barriers: Smooth and Secure Travel”.

World Tourism Forum Keeps Growing

World Tourism Forum Keeps Growing

World Tourism Forum was created as a platform where international tourism leaders can discuss the issues on the subject. World Tourism Forum is organized four times every year, under the auspices of Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, in global centers around the world, bringing together world tourism leaders and tourism industry representatives. Regional meetings are held three times a year in different cities around the world and one global meeting is held once a year in Istanbul. Next summits will be held in Qatar, Jordan, Vietnam, India and Abu Dhabi in 2017.

What Did The Bloggers & Influencers Think?

This year 55 international bloggers and 90 Turkish bloggers took part in two days of official bloggers & influencer sessions during the 3 day event with the program being made up of talks &  panel discussions were influencers, the travel industry people combined to discuss destination marketing related topics & new trends in digital marketing using bloggers & influencers…

João Leitão My experience attending the World Tourism Forum exceeded all my expectations on meeting other fellow travel bloggers. Great event, friendly people, and so much fun! Read More

Mitch Hyde Our experience of being a part of the World Tourism Forum gave us the opportunity to meet, create and learn from the best in the business, as well as making some long lasting friendships. Read More

Keri Hedrick A great opportunity to connect and collaborate with so many bloggers across the world covering so many genres. It also opened my eyes to how fascinating and family-friendly a city Istanbul is. Read More

Dave Brett  Attending the World Tourism Forum was a wonderful opportunity to network, learn and make new friends within the industry. Was also a fantastic excuse to explore the city of Istanbul which is rich in Turkish culture and great fun to explore. Read More

Jane Mountain I came away from the World Tourism Forum feeling tremendously inspired by the people I met there. What a great chance to learn from and collaborate with so many creative and dedicated pros! Read More

Once again TCS was part of the sessions and we took part in a panel discussion about Destination Marketing Trends using bloggers & Influencers with our friends from Nordic Travel Bloggers

In addition to the conference’s talks, all 55 international bloggers were treated to a fabulous time in Istanbul which included the usual party’s and gala dinner plus post-conference Fam trips to different areas of Turkey all thanks to Blogger Casting who once again arranged a productive interesting blogger sessions.

See you at the Arabian World Tourism Forum Meeting in Dubai April 2017 as the World Tourism Forum Keeps Growing.

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