We all know Brazil is known for its beautiful beaches (and people), lush forests, and unique diversity, but who can really capture this exquisite and beckoning Brazil?

We scoured our Instagram feeds and asked friends around the country who they follow, and came up with some of our favourite Instagrammers who show Brazil on Instagram for what the country really is, taking you a little bit away from the mainstream, and immerse you in authentic travel experiences around the country.

Brazil On Instagram – 7 Brazilian Instagrammers to follow.

Yan Dantas

This São Paulo based instagrammer, takes a look at the city from various points of views, and usually with a killer lense, encountered geometric angles most wouldn’t notice. Being partial to the city, for living here and thinking it’s super underrated – this instagram account will attract architecture lovers, city dwellers and the nightlife crowd.


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Paulo del valle

This instagrammer spends his time between São Paulo and Rio, and so most of his photography is of these two cities, but especially the Marvellous City, Rio de Janeiro. His photos are ludic, and perfectly capture day to day life accompanied by “post card” backgrounds.


César Ovalle is also a photographer from São Paulo, with an incredible aesthetic for urban life photography. He has a great ability to capture fantastic nooks and crannies and points of views many others wouldn’t catch, in otherwise mundane parts of his daily routine.


Based in Rio de Janeiro, this designer and photographer creates playful photos that are full of light and beautifully captured skies! His account has photos from around the world, but his tendency, and probably best photos, are Rio’s breathtaking scenery!


If someone else’s adrenaline gives you your own rush, then head over to Bruno’s IG account. This adventure seeker is also a climber and photographer, and he shares photos of climbers, campers, slackliners and more! All with gorgeous nature backdrops, and many with scenes that’ll make you cringe (or want to be in the model’s shoes!).


Hermano is based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s 6th largest and most underrated city! He takes incredible photos of his home city’s graffiti, architecture, people, and surrounding towns, as well as some of his professional work, more mundane, yet beautiful happenings, and his travels.

Giancarlo Ceccon

We want all of Giancarlo’s photographs on our feeds. His love for nature and travel are incredibly transparent in his work, and he truly transports us to an assortment of destinations around Brazil and the world. His photos focus more on nature or interesting, yet usually not photographed instances of local, everyday life, wherever he goes.


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