Are you a travel blogger, Destination Marketing Organization or a travel brand looking for a new tool to create video’s? Travel Concept Solution has been given three free licences valid for one year for you to Shoot2Share your experiences or travel destinations.


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Shoot2Share is a guided video creation, editing and automated publishing app which makes it super easy for travel bloggers, journalists, DMO’s, travel brands and travellers to shoot and share travel video content with just their mobile phones. We create multiple storyboards and shot lists with guided instructions within the app which people simply follow and shoot with their mobile phones and once done, the app automatically edits, adds branded or personalised animated top and tail billboards with music and/or voice-over, adds titles and then publishes it directly to the creators YouTube channel.

Once published it can be shared via your mobile phone to Facebook, Twitter or by sharing a YouTube link via email.


Shoot2Share - App Store

The app is free to download and a number of different storyboards are open for testing so try it out! For the launch of Shoot2Share in Africa TCS is offering three customised brand channels and a one year licence.

To enter you simply:

  • Download Shoot2Share from an African app store
  • Go to ‘Video for Brands’ and then select ‘Travel Concept Solution
  • Follow the storyboard and shoot your video
  • Once you’re happy, submit it via your mobile phone to be published
  • Once it’s published, email the YouTube link from within the app too: 
  • Include your contact detail in the email, including links to your blog or website
The competition is open to anyone who downloads the app from any of the African app stores.
To download the app for an Apple or Adroid device go too: iOS:  Google Play: 
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